Is Shadowsocks Safe

Is Shadowsocks Safe

Here’s the answer of Is Shadowsocks Safe

The answer is YES.

Because ShadowsocksR/Shadowosocks is an alternative to VPN. But not designed for privacy, just for bypassing censorship. You can search what is Shadowsocks on Wiki

Here is what I know about Shadowsocks:

VPN can be blocked by Chinese gov. HTTPS traffics are not.

Both are encrypted traffic but VPN encrypts everything while HTTPS has some unencrypted blank (ACK) package, so they look different to the censorship machine. Shadowsocks disguise the traffic so it looks more like an HTTPS traffic.

For a Chinese user, typically it’s like the client running on the local computer hijack all the traffic, encrypt it — at the same time disguise it — and send it to your remote server, which is not in China. Then the server decrypts the data, visit the website for you, fetch the data, encrypt it again and send it back. Thus it bypasses the censorship.

History: it was a side project by clowwindy, originally only shared on a technical forum. But in 2013 or 2014 VPN became so unreliable and people turned to this. In 2015 some Chinese police knocked on his door to ask him to stop working on that. (See discussion here) But the ecosystem continued to grow. In 2017 it’s one of the most used tools for bypassing censorship.

The best part of it is the decentralization. You can always run your own server hosting at a random IP. Sometimes gov will block some servers, but the ecosystem won’t die. People buy/sell/share this kind of service with each other (there is a big underground market for this!) and nowadays even the non-technical people can use it.

This doesn’t mean censorship is rendered useless. A lot of people just got used to it. And the GFW is still growing. Hopefully, the capability of Shadowsocks grows as well.

Since it’s only for bypassing censorship, privacy is not a major concern for many users. Many of them use very bad ciphers (e.g. rc4-md5) because they want it run smoothly on a cheap router, or the seller wants to optimize for throughput. However these days they started to add modern ciphers, like AES-GCM. There are also efforts to obfuscate the traffic, the point of it is, we don’t want the government knows we are using this. All the privacy tools people use in other parts of the world can be more or less detected: if you use VPN then your ISP knows about it, similarly for TOR. The point of Shadowsocks is to hide the fact you are using it. (What do you do in a country where selling VPN is a crime, LoL)

Is Shadowsocks Safe

The benefits of Shadowsocks

The biggest advantage of Shadowsocks is its ease of installation. This technology is a simple and high-performance agent that doesn’t take a long time to install, it’s also great for accessing restricted content.

Another benefit of Shadowsocks is the ability to selectively mask traffic. You can choose which part of the traffic to process via Shadowsocks – so you can access restricted content in and outside your location.

You can read this article to learn how to use Shadowsock

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