shadowsocks mac setup

Shadowsocks Mac OSX Setting 2019

ShadowsocksX Mac Setup

Shadowsock helps in encrypting of data between the server and client communication. The ShadowsocksX acts as the proxy server for communicating with the Shadowsock clients using a specified encryption method. The ShadowsocksX do act as a VPN by protecting you through the encrypting of your internet data. However, it is not a VPN but better than a VPN.

Why? It’s more reliable. Only you can access the server, not millions of people using the same VPN server together.

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shadowsocks mac setup

All You Need to Know About Shadowsocksr

Shadowsock was created in 2012 by a Chinese programmer to act as open-source of the SOCKS5 proxy project. Shadowsock helps to connect certain websites that are off-limits due to various government geoblocks, censorship or otherwise. The primary objective of having Shadowsocksr in your Mac is to help you bypass the Great Firewall of China. And it’s done through circumventing of the traffic restrictions using the HTTPS. Moreover, utilizing the HTTPS helps to distinguish traffic making it easy to bypass the censorship measures. Additionally, Shadowsock makes your data looks like an HTTPS traffic helping you use the various restricted sites more comfortably.

So in this article, we will focus on Shadowsocksr Mac download and Shadowsocksr Mac Settings

1. Setting up the Shadowsocksr client for Mac

  • Download the Shadowsocksr from the GitHub
  • It is a zip file, unzip it and use it directly
  • First, click on the start bar that appears on the right corner of your MacOS finder bar
  • Second, click on the given little plan icons that pop up on the menu list. Click on the server-server preferences to open directly on your Mac server managers dialog.
  • Third, click on the +button your server list and add a new Shadowsocksr server.
  • Input all the related server information and click on the ok button and save
  • Now you are ready to select the Shadowsocksr server when it pops- up on the menu list and use it. Open your web browser; here you will find the web traffic go through your Mac installed Shadowsocksr server.

2.Configure and then select the available Shadowsocksr server on MacOS

  • Creating a directory/shadow socks/etc
  • Creating of the Shadowsock configuration in case it doesn’t exist
  • Adding JSON data in the given configuration file
  • Starting the Shadowsocksr server

If you are still feeling confused about setup MacOs ShadowsocksX, please check the Shadowsocks for Mac Video Guide.


Additional Guide: Setup of Shadowsocksr Mac in Ubuntu

  • Use the SSH client that connects with the Ubuntu server
  • Execute the sudo-I to switch to the root user directly
  • Upgrade and update your OS package using the given command
  • Enable the BBR by editing it using the edit/etc/sysctl. Conf file with the gedit. Enabling of the BBR helps to improve the Shadowsocksr proxy performances through the maximizing of the network usage of the brands’ width.
  • Add the file/etc/sysctl.conf lines and save
  • Execute the command reboot process on the Ubuntu OS
  • After the reboot run the lsmod|grep bbr commands and very the BBR configurations.
  • Lastly, install the Shadowsocksr server using the given commands


ShadowsocksX is easy to set up because you can select your ssr proxy fast to access the restricted content and websites.  Lastly, the Shadowsocksr Mac is your best VPN partner in obtaining various restricted site globally.

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