• how to use shadowsocks

    How to Use Shadowsocks (Step by Setp Guide on 2019)

    Here’s how to install and configure the Shadowsocks client (hereafter referred to as SS) on Windows / Mac / Linux (Ubuntu) / iOS / Android to facilitate the use of the corresponding VPN service. After reading this article, you will know how to use Shadowsocks. Before that, suppose you already know the port and password of the SS server. If you don’t know, you can ask the VPN provider (administrator). Assume that your port number and password have been obtained. Please find the corresponding installation and configuration method according to the system environment you are using. Enter it in the place where you need to enter the port number and…

  • V2ray vs Shadowsocks

    V2ray vs Shadowsocks (2019)

    Let’s talk about the V2ray vs Shadowsocks. At first, we need to know what is V2ray, what is Shadowsocks. Then you will know the advantages of V2ray or Shadowsocks and the disadvantages of V2ray and Shadowsocks. What is V2ray? V2Ray is a VPN tool integrate other series of tools for building a specific network environment. In other words, V2ray has more complicate functions including Shadowsocks function. V2Ray is a Shadowsocks similar proxy software. We use V2ray for scientific Internet access (over the wall) to learn advanced foreign science and technology. Varay website What is Shadowsocks? The full name of SS is Shadowsocks, which is an encrypted transmission mode. SS is the mainstream scientific Internet access. Shadowsocks is…