V2ray vs Shadowsocks

V2ray vs Shadowsocks (2019)

Let’s talk about the V2ray vs Shadowsocks. At first, we need to know what is V2ray, what is Shadowsocks. Then you will know the advantages of V2ray or Shadowsocks and the disadvantages of V2ray and Shadowsocks.

What is V2ray?

What is v2ray

V2Ray is a VPN tool integrate other series of tools for building a specific network environment. In other words, V2ray has more complicate functions including Shadowsocks function. V2Ray is a Shadowsocks similar proxy software. We use V2ray for scientific Internet access (over the wall) to learn advanced foreign science and technology.

Varay website

What is Shadowsocks?

what is shadowsocksr

The full name of SS is Shadowsocks, which is an encrypted transmission mode. SS is the mainstream scientific Internet access. Shadowsocks is the most stable and one of the most useful scientific Internet tool.

ShadowsocksR SSR (full name) is a modified version of SS, which is also an enhanced version. It is to add and modify some functions on the basis of SS.

There are many SS clients, but only the SS client cannot over the wall. But also need to add the normally available SS information in the SS client. SS information can buy their own VPS server set up, can buy others set up, some people set up free to share.

Shadowsocks website

V2ray vs Shadowsocks – The Pros of V2ray

Sometimes ago,  one of our (SSR) server was blocked from China GFW. So we searched for more information and found a V2Ray platform which is another Shadowsocks alternative tool.V2Ray is more like a toolbox that integrates a variety of protocols and functions.

Advantages of V2ray

#1 More perfect protocols: V2Ray USES the new VMess protocol developed by itself. It corrects some existing shortcomings of Shadowsocks and is harder to be detected by the wall.

#2 More powerful performance: network performance is better, specific data can see V2Ray official blog

#3 Richer features: here are some V2Ray features:

If you are stilling looking for free SS/SSR server, please check free ss server(Note: SSR can also use SS server).

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